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James R Baldwin (Optometrist)

Local, Independent, Professional eyecare for 60 years


We have a large selection of stylish reasonably priced frames. A cross section of which are displayed in the waiting area - please feel free to pop in and take a look.

Most of the more common types of contact lenses can be obtained by the next working day.

We are able to supply virtually any type of contact lens commercially available.

If you usually obtain your lenses from the Internet why not tell us how much you pay and see if we can match it?

Even if it is a little more it may be worth having someone local, on hand to with any problems.


We stock a selection of Ready Readers priced from £5.00 per pair



  • Blinks
  • Liquifilm Tears
  • I Caps
  • Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 spray

Any other products you may require can be ordered

We also stock Contact Lens Solutions


We are a Calotherm Eyewear Care Centre and stock a selection of their products which you can come in and sample.

Lens sprays - there are 4 different types all priced at £5.00 each:-

CALOCLEAR - Antistatic & Antimist formula, aids surface demisting. Recommended for: multi purpose cleaning.

CALOCOAT - Antistatic formula for all coated lenses. Recommended for: coated lenses.

CALOSPORT - Antistatic & antifog formula, removes stubborn residue & grime. Recommended for: sports vision.

CALOCLEAN - Alcohol free, solvent free, antistatic formula. Recommended for: rimless glasses.

Lens cloths / wipes

CALOCLOTH - For glasses, use on its own or with cleaning spray.

Also Suitable for cleaning TV screens, camera lenses and mobiles phones. Price: £4.00 each

CALOWIPES - Optical lens cleaning wipes. Antistatic & antimist formula, aids surface demisting. They can also be used for cleaning TV screens, computer screens, cameras, keyboards & mobile phones. Price £2.00 per pack

CALOCARE optical clean and care kit - includes, antistatic & antimist spray, microfibre cleaning cloth and a mini screwdriver. Price £7.50


Purific Natural Sanitising Water - for hands, skin & more. Price 50ml £2.80, 500ml £7.70