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James R Baldwin (Optometrist)

Local, Independent, Professional eyecare for 60 years

Fun contact lenses

We have now updated our Visual Field Screener.

It does all the things that the previous one did but is compatible with those used in Hospitals and for DVLA testing (Estermann Binocular).

Also everything is controlled from PC/Laptop/Tablet so the software can be updated without having to update the Machine, which is not feasible every couple of years!

Find more information on our Instrumentation pages which are currently under development.

We now have a large display of fashionable, traditional & children’s affordable spectacle frames.

Please feel free to come in and take a look.


We are happy to put new prescription lenses into your own frames

So - if you have an ‘old favourite’ or just want a back-up spare, bring in your prescription and the frame and we will be happy to help.

Alternatively book an eye test to obtain a more up to date prescription. The cost of the test will be outweighed by the saving on the cost of a new frame!