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James R Baldwin (Optometrist)

Local, Independent, Professional eyecare for 60 years


Pressure checked? MOT your eyes today


 The International Glaucoma Association are focusing on the importance of eye pressure in detecting glaucoma. People check the pressure in car tyres, the boiler and many check their blood pressure regularly, but, who thinks about eye pressure?

It is the pressure in the eye which keeps it inflated. If it is too high it can lead to irreversible damage to the optic nerve, leading to loss of vision. It is estimated that there are 64 million people with glaucoma worldwide and 600,000 in the UK, with half undetected.

All too often people do not have an eye health check until they realise something is wrong with their vision.

This may be too late.

For further information call in for a free leaflet or book an appointment, the tests are quick, simple and convenient.